Katrina and the Kitten

5 01 2011

My daughter, Katrina (age 6) wrote a short story for a creative writing contest at school a few months ago.  We found out the other day that she has been named the district-wide first grade winner.  There are nine schools in the district, but I have no idea how many people entered the contest.  Regardless, I’m super-proud!

Here is the story as she printed it out:


Once upon a time, there was a girl named Katrina.  One day, she went outside into the forest to practice her karate chopping on a tree.  She could chop an entire tree in one chop!

Suddenly, she heard a little tiny sound.  “Meow.”

She turned around and looked, but did not see anything.  Then she heard it again and this time it was “Help!”  She walked around until she saw a little tiny baby kitten with a splinter in its paw.

“What’s your name?” asked Katrina.

“My name is Olivia,” said the kitten.

“You can talk?” asked Katrina, very surprised.

“Yes,” answered Olivia, “but let’s keep it a secret.”

“Why?” asked Katrina.

“Because if people found out I can talk they would take me away to study me.”

Katrina said “O.K., it’ll be our secret.”

Katrina picked Olivia up and pulled out the splinter.  Then she walked home, carrying the kitten.

She went inside and asked her Mom and Dad if she could keep the kitten.  They said yes.

Katrina said “Yippee!”

Olivia was excited but just said “Meow!”




3 responses

5 01 2011

Applause! Applause! Great story, Katrina!

5 01 2011
Aunt Jeanne

This is awesome. And ever so much better written than anything written by way too many grownups.

5 01 2011

That was an awesome story!!!! :). I love it!

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